Making a Difference

David SolingerAt Solinger Law we are single minded in purpose to do everything possible in serving in the role as Your Instrument of Resolution. With over 41 years of experience mediating and litigating complex, legally challenging, high stakes matters David Solinger brings to Attorneys and Clients alike a tract record of expertise, accomplishment and service. Litigating alongside and against some of the largest law firms in the world has provided unsurpassed litigation experience. Litigating some of the largest and complex environmental cases in the United States has chiseled focus, determination and proficiency in the handling of client matters.

Extensive litigation and mediation experience has also carved a deep desire for parties to resolve conflict and disputes in formats other than litigation. With extensive experience and training in Alternate Dispute Resolution combined with advanced study in Conflict Resolution, Philosophy, Psychology and Spirituality we offer a full spectrum of dispute resolution alternatives from arbitration to mediation. A personal philosophy focusing on reaching, exploring and expressing that which is the best in each of us provides a unique basis for conflict resolution. Industry wide David C. Solinger is known for his honesty, civility and ability to get along with co-counsel and adversary alike while at the same time possessing a recognized and acknowledged reputation for excellence and achievement in the practice of law.

At Solinger Law we bring to you a compassionate heart together with an understanding of the physical and psychological toll of unresolved conflict. Our commitment to serve as Your Instrument of Resolution includes a goal for you to achieve reconciliation extending far beyond a resolution of the legal dispute. This is a high minded yet attainable goal in many situations. We invite you to welcome Solinger Law into your world as Your Instrument of Resolution.